New Airport Shuttle Bus to City Center and Central Bus Station/Talat Sao)


The Airport Shuttle is operating between the Wattay International Airport, the City Center (hotel area) and Central Bus Station (CBS; a.k.a. Talat Sao or Morning Market). It is a direct bus service to Lao ITECC-CBS Line, so it is possible to travel between the two lines without transferring buses.

Fare: 15,000 kip to the city center and Central Bus Station (around US$2)

(If you would like to travel beyond CBS to Lao ITECC-CBS Line, you need to pay an additional 4,000 kip (around $0.50))


Poster Updated Nov15,2019-01-01-01
Vientiane Airport Shuttle and Lao-ITECC – CBS Line Schedule (from Nov. 18, 2019)

For city-bound passengers: Check the closest bus stop to your hotel in the link below:

list of hotels and bus stops_latest 011119

Points regarding the new direct bus service:

  • It will be possible to go directly from the airport and city center to Lao ITECC-CBS Line (Patuxay, That Luang and Lao ITECC) by paying an extra 4,000 kip. No need to transfer buses!
  • New bus stops at Sanjiang Market and S Park Design Hotel
  • Those who travel between CBS and city center/Sanjiang Market section only need to pay 5,000 kip (previously 15,000 kip)



City-bound trips: On the way from the airport, the Airport Shuttle will make stops at landmarks along Setthathilath Road as well as some hotels near That Dam before terminating at Central Bus Station. It will then continue traveling to Lao ITECC-CBS Line (except for Trips 15, 17, 18 and 19)

Airport-bound trips: On the way to the airport, the Airport Shuttle will start at Central Bus Station then make stops at the hotels near That Dam and along Samsenthai Road. For Trips 1-16, the bus will operate directly between Lao ITECC-CBS Line and Airport Shuttle.


Airport Shuttle Information and Ticket Counter
Information and Ticket Counter

Operational Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

If the ticket counter is closed or if you are in a hurry, you may pay directly to the conductor inside the bus.


The airport bus stop is located near the International Arrivals exit.

From the international arrivals exit, turn RIGHT and walk around 20m to the bus stop. You can buy tickets at the airport bus ticket counter in the arrivals terminal, or inside the bus.

From the domestic terminal, turn right and proceed to the bus stop.

Airport Bus stop
Airport Shuttle Bus Stop at the International Arrivals Exit

There are 18 bus stops in the city center. Look for the green poles that say “Bus Stop.” Timetable information for each bus stop is shown, so it’s easy to plan the trip to/from the airport. For those who would like to stop around Patuxay or That Luang area, please continue traveling to Lao ITECC-CBS Line (no need to transfer buses).

2018-01-18 08.10.30
One of the green bus poles in the city center containing the route and bus stop timetable information

Please note that passenger boarding and alighting are allowed ONLY at bus stops. The driver will NOT stop in between bus stops to provide a punctual and reliable service.

(IMPORTANT: Since Setthathilath and Samsenthai Roads are one-way roads, the airport-bound trip goes through Samsenthai Road only, while the city-bound bus goes through Setthathilath Road only. )

For more information or inquiries, visit or


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